Ray Hymbaugh with Pastor Jeff Sagala

Ray Hymbaugh recently decided to rededicate his life to Jesus Christ. It was a great blessing to share this experience with Ray and his family. 

Back Row: Speaker Haskell Williams, Judy Purvis, Clyde Gallop, Justin Bonuke, and Pastor Jeff Sagala.
Front Row: Isabella Garay-Alzamora, Celina Alzamora Bridgers, and Mayikipi Hess.  Not Pictured: Kelly Gohlke-Martin

Our recent Discover Jesus Prophecy Seminar with speaker Haskell Williams was a wonderful success. Many came to hear and experience the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This series proved to be a voyage of discovery of newly found truth for some and a rediscovery of important truths for others. We praise God for His guidance and revelations of truth as we continue to seek a deeper relationship with Him every day of our lives.

As the meetings came to a close last Sabbath we are overjoyed to report that seven of God's children emerged from the watery grave of baptism into a new life with Jesus Christ.