The Rocky Mount SDA Church dates back to 1939 at which time two literature evangelists came to the Rocky Mount area to sell their books.  They boarded with Lettie Cockrell and her mother Mrs. Susie Massengale.  They studied and were baptized as the first Seventh-day Adventists in Rocky Mount.  For three years these ladies labored and remained faithful to their new found faith.  Mrs. Massengale remained strong until her death.  Lettie has also been strong, though at the time of this writing she now resides in Columbus, WI near family.

In 1942, Elder Hartwell held an evangelistic meeting at the Masonic Temple and as a result, 7 or 8 people made up the company of Adventist believers.  In 1948, Mr. C. W. and Mrs. Catherine Williams were baptized.  C. W. would become an influential leader for this little group.

The Conference saw the need of furthering the work in the area, so they erected a portable tabernacle on Maple Street.  Elder D. G. Anderson came to pastor the group along with others sent to help.  many wonderful meetings were held there and many were baptized.  Among these was Sarah Williams, Mrs. L. C. Vick, Joan Hedgepeth, Mrs. Renee Owens, Mrs. Lessie Stephens, Joyce Stephens Crisp, Mrs. Lola Montague, and Thelma and John Wood.

A number of ministers and lay people served the little company until it was organized into an official church body on March 17, 1951.  Some of these early pioneers were Elder Albert Dickerson, Elder Stanley Will, Arden Clark, Elder M. B. Elliston (who built the first church on Tarboro Street), Elder D. G. Anderson, W. L. Ellis of Wilson, and Harold Turner.

Since the early days as an organized church, many activities have been carried on, not the least of which was Ingathering.  Many Saturday nights the little group would work until 11:00 or 12:00 going from grocery store, service station, or any other store, to solicit money.  The church always exceeded their goal and helped other churches attain their goal.

The first Pathfinder club was created in 1973 under the leadership of Janice Pollard.  Through the years they worked with the Wilson Pathfinder club, participating in many activities together.  Other children's ministries have included an active Sabbath School program and Vacation Bible School programs each summer.

In 1984 a Revelation Seminar was conducted and more were added to their number.

In 1992, the need became apparent for larger facilities and possible church school under the leadership of Pastor Ted Huskins.  The congregation voted to sell the church building and adjacent house (which they had purchased for classrooms and a fellowship hall).  They rented from the Episcopal Church on Fairview Rd. until their new building on Halifax Road was completed in 1997.  Soon afterward, Elder Don Shelton conducted the first evangelistic effort in the new building.