The Future Has Arrived

Recent world events are minor compared to what is just ahead. Confidence, stability, and security can be yours through these dramatic presentations!

Free Childcare for every meeting.

Four Promises

We make you these four sincere promises:
1. The Bible alone will be your textbook!
2. Jesus Christ will be uplifted - our hope in these last days!
3. We will carefully compare Bible passages to understand Bible prophecies.
4. This seminar is totally without cost or obligation!

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Haskell Williams has presented Bible prophecy to countless audiences over the past three decades. His illustrated presentations from the Bible provide answers to life's greatest questions and give new hope for living in the 21st Century. His clear grasp of current events, dynamic speaking style and understanding of Scripture make this a life-changing series for both the Christian and non-Christian alike. You won't want to miss a single night as Bible prophecy comes to life before your very eyes.